"Celia Braves indexed two of my books. She did a superb job, and I recommend her without the slightest hesitation. She consulted me on specialized terms, followed press guidelines to a T, and exhaustively catalogued themes and names. All of this in an extremely timely fashion."


– Eric Jennings, Professor, University of Toronto

“Celia’s indexing and proof-reading of our manuscript Gramsci: Space, Nature, Politics contributed so much to the final book. The index goes well beyond what we, the editors, had hoped for and really transforms the experience of reading the book. Amazingly, Celia managed to complete the work ahead of schedule. Having just finished using the book in a graduate seminar, I appreciated the skill with which the proofing and indexing was conducted as much as the students who clung to Celia’s careful signposting in this rather dense 350 page manuscript.”


– Alex Loftus, Senior Lecturer, King’s College London


“Celia Braves is a bright, gracious, rigorous indexer whose beautiful indexes make books sing off the page. I have had the pleasure of working with Celia on a great number of theoretically and technically challenging books in the humanities and social sciences over the past four years. She always displays an acute sensitivity toward academic language and argumentation, respecting the author’s voice while presenting the text in a format that is accessible to the general reader. Celia is punctual, consistent, and very pleasant to work with—my authors never fail to compliment her. I give her my full endorsement.”


– Neal McTighe, former Assistant Managing Editor,

   Duke University Press

“In 2009, I published my first book, The Proletarian Gamble: Korean Workers in Interwar Japan, from Duke University Press’s “Asia-Pacific Studies” series. Duke’s editors forwarded me several names of people who have done indexing work for other Duke UP titles. Celia Braves was one of them, and she lived in Toronto, where I also live and work. I made arrangements with her over the telephone, discussed the broad topic of my book to her, as well as her fee for putting my index together. The fee was competitive and reasonable. We also agreed on a timeline for her to do the work. I was delighted when she sent me her rough draft of the index punctually and ahead of schedule. It was a rough draft, but basically I only had a few revisions to suggest. Her indexing work was masterful. I simply could not have come close to achieving what she did within the short period of time that we’d agreed on. Her indexing work was exhaustive yet clear and easy to follow; it was accurately and logically cross-referenced; and ultimately it is extremely useful. Her index is an important part of the book itself. Most importantly, one could peruse the index and get an accurate impression of the book as a whole. That, to me, was the mark of a masterful index, and Celia Braves did it.”


– Ken C. Kawashima, Professor, University of Toronto

"Celia Braves did an extraordinary job with the index for our book. She read the manuscript with incredible sensitivity and showed great instincts about the core concepts and ideas. She worked with us diligently to make sure we were all on the same page, and she was meticulous in working through the text. I look forward to working with her on my next book project!"


– Deborah Cowen, Professor, University of Toronto

“Celia Braves did the indexing on my co-edited book on agrarian change in Southeast Asia, which included chapters by 14 different authors. She completed the job quickly, was very professional in her work, and had an excellent sense of what the index should include. I highly recommend her if you are interested in an indexer who understands geography and related fields, and who will provide an excellent index in a timely fashion.”


– Peter Vandergeest, Professor, York University

“As the indexer for Gramsci: Space, Nature, Politics, Celia Braves did an absolutely brilliant job. Working with 16 chapters, she identified key concepts and themes with tremendous acuity and precision, and my co-editors and I were delighted with the result. Celia is by far the finest indexer with whom I have worked, and I have asked her to index my forthcoming book.”


Gillian Hart, Professor, UC Berkeley

“Celia's index of Gramsci: Space, Nature, Politics is a vital resource for readers.  The depth of her engagement with the content and structure of the book was beyond our expectations and lends coherence to the volume. Her index does better justice to the continuities and debates running through the edited collection than the framework we set out in the introductory chapter.”


– Michael Ekers, Professor, University of Toronto

“Celia Braves is a simply brilliant indexer. When Duke University Press recommended her to me, I had no idea of just how hardworking, dedicated, timely, and innovative she would be. I could not possibly be happier with the index she wrote for my book.”


– Shoshana Magnet, Professor, University of Ottawa

“Celia's work on my index was done with a great amount of care and meticulous attention to detail. The result was a carefully crafted index that faithfully communicated the contents and spirit of the book.  I am certain it will be a great resource for readers.”


– Emily Eaton, Professor, University of Regina