Celia Braves is a Toronto-based professional indexer dedicated to delivering a finely-crafted product. Skilled in the nuances of academic language and argumentation, she has an acute understanding of scholarly writing and approaches each project with sensitivity and objectivity. The final result is a personalized product made from a creative and engaged mind, through a discerning eye attentive to the smallest of details, and from a genuine lover of books, all converging on the goal of bringing clarity and impact to your brave, new words.



With over a decade of indexing experience, Celia is versed in topics ranging across the humanities and social sciences and into the social studies of science. Subjects include Black history, biometric technology, Canadian history, cultural studies, environmental studies and resource management, feminist theory, film studies, French history, gender and identity politics, geography, labour politics and Marxist theory, and Indigenous Peoples.


Celia is committed to working hard to help you reach your goals and exceed your expectations. If you require expertise in a specialized topic or subject matter, she is more than happy to discuss your needs and specifications.

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